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Provides protection against tick-borne encephalitis vaccination is usually carried out before the start of tick season. The first and second vaccination is preferably carried out in the winter and spring months . Vaccination is allowed in the summer. If the first vaccination is carried out in the summer months, it is recommended that the second vaccination done two weeks after the first vaccination scheme quickly (emergency) immunization .

A third vaccine completes the full course clenbuterol for sale of vaccination, in accordance with the selected scheme.

After the primary vaccination course, conducted in accordance with one of the two schemes, re-vaccination in the form of a single injection of 0.5 ml vaccine , held every 3 years.

The route of administration:

Before use, carefully shake the syringe to complete mixing the slurry!

The vaccine is injected intramuscularly, preferably in the upper third of the outer surface of the shoulder. Children under 18 months the vaccine can be administered in the thigh (vastus external).

The vaccine should not be administered intravenously!

Erroneous intravenous administration can cause reactions up to shock. In such cases it is necessary to conduct anti shock therapy immediately.

The vaccine should be used immediately immediately after removing a protective cover from the needle or the opening of the ampoule. vaccination shall be carried out in strict compliance with the rules of aseptic and antiseptic.

Vaccination is carried out in the offices of vaccination administered by health care personnel who are authorized to carry out vaccinations. The room where the vaccination must be provided with a means of anti-shock therapy. On the day of vaccination the doctor (or nurse) is conducting a survey and inspection of the graft with obligatory thermometry, exploring medical card grafting. For the correct destination vaccination responsible physician. Vaccination register within the established registration form with the date immunizations, dose, vaccine name, manufacturer, lot number, expiration date, the reactions to the vaccine.

Reactions to the introduction:

After the introduction of the vaccine in some cases can develop local and general reactions.

1) Local reactions: sometimes with the injection site may occur transient redness, swelling and pain, and in very rare cases, a slight increase in regional lymph nodes.

2) Common reactions: In rare cases, children, especially after the first dose, there may be a general malaise, pain in muscles and joints, very rarely nausea, vomiting. In very rare cases, when there is no therapy antipyretics, the temperature can rise to clenbuterol for sale and accompanied by cramps. During the therapy antipyretics such symptoms disappear within 24 hours. After the second vaccination fever is very rare. Rarely can appear transient rash, accompanied by itching.

In adults, especially after the first dose in the first two days of symptoms may have a place, flu-like malaise, headache, muscle aches, nausea, vomiting.

Allergic reactions (generalized rash, mucosal edema, laryngeal edema, dyspnea, bronchospasm and hypotension) very rare.

In very rare cases, we observed neuritis of varying severity after vaccination.

According to the current state of scientific knowledge, vaccination is not a source of autoimmune diseases. No indication of increased frequency of primary manifestations of autoimmune diseases or exacerbation after vaccination (for example, multiple sclerosis, iridocyclitis).

However, in the case of a known or suspected autoimmune disease is necessary to assess the risk of exposure to tick-borne encephalitis, compared with adverse effect of vaccination on the autoimmune disease.


  • Acute febrile illness of any clenbuterol for sale etiology or exacerbation of chronic infectious diseases. Vaccination is carried out not earlier than 2 weeks after recovery.
  • Have allergies to vaccine components in history.

Special instructions and precautions for use:

In the event that there was a tick bite before or within two weeks after the first vaccination, one injection of the vaccine FSME-IMMUNE Inject can not prevent the possible development of tick-borne encephalitis.

If necessary, an emergency protection or unvaccinated persons who have received a single inoculation, should be given specific immunoglobulin passive immunization against tick-borne encephalitis.Indications and dosage refer to the appropriate instructions. 4 weeks after the introduction of specific immunoglobulin clenbuterol liquid dosage should continue the course of vaccination.

All vaccination and administration of immunoglobulin must be registered physician indicating the batch number and the name of the drug (trade name).

Pregnancy and lactation:

Clinical application of vaccine safety studies have not been conducted for pregnant and lactating women.

Therefore, the vaccine should be administered to pregnant and lactating women with caution, after careful assessment of the possible risks and benefits.

Interaction with other drugs:

Allowed simultaneous vaccination , and the introduction of other inactivated or live vaccines separate syringes at different sites.

After administration of immunoglobulin against tick-borne encephalitis is necessary to observe an interval of at least 4 weeks prior to vaccination , otherwise the level of specific antibodies can be reduced.

The duration of the protective effect:

Pharmacodynamic properties of the vaccine are shown in the development of specific antibodies that provide protection against the TBE virus.

Seroconversion rate and the degree of protection is achieved in 97 – 100% of vaccinees after the full course of primary immunization.

Experience of application shows that a protective immunological effect lasts for more than three years after the completion of a full course of primary vaccination, then clenbuterol for sale revaccination is necessary.